On Nests


What is architecture,

fotografia 4 copy

a list:

1. Everything that is not the body,

“The most usual purpose of building activities in animals is to make a home that will give protection. Such a home may be constructed for the building animal itself, for its progeny, for the family as a whole, or, by social cooperation, for large colonies as, for instance, in the case of social insects. The enormous morphological differentiation of animals and the great differences and the great differences in their needs and faculties are reflected in the great variety of the homes they build.”

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2. Space, contained,

“When a bird scratches a shallow depression into the ground, sits down in it, and turning this way and that, rounds it out and deepens it, this “cup-molding” process may be described as a primitive form of nest building. The eggs are then placed in the hollow and brooded in it. As a further stage of development, the hard bottom of the depression is padded a little with blades of grass and other plant material. This is what most terns and gulls do and, provided it is done with care, the nest produced will be simple but very comfortable.”

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(Still we create meaning from shapes and see morality in geometry and that is architecture too.)

On the chapter of Architecture, nothing more needs to be said.

All quotes and Illustrations from Karl von Frisch “Animal Architecture”.



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